Timbuk2 Catapult reviewing a small messenger bag

I recently wrote about my large bag for my regular work communte, the Timbuk2 Cuatro. Even in its smaller configuration the bag is simply way to big to haul with me on the weekends. Knowing this I purchased the Timbuk2 Catapult.

This is a small messenger style bag. Just big enough to hold my MacBook Air 13″ with the power brick or my iPad Pro with a keyboard. I can squeeze a spare diaper in there, and maybe two butt wipes. It’s so small that I can’t even comfortably get my water bottle in it.

Water bottle in the catapult

Water bottle in the catapult

If I was a single guy that didn’t have to haul jackets around and extra water bottles and a number of diapers and, whatever else I need for 3 kids on the weekend then this would have been a great bag to pack light and mobile. As it stands I am a guy that has three kids and regularly has them out on my own, so I do have to pack all that extra stuff around most weekends.

The biggest benefit of this bag is that it’s small. It never gets in your way which is the goal of any bag. This is biggest draw back. As stated above, I carry a bunch of stuff to handle all three of my kids and this bag just doesn’t cut it for my weekend.


Like most bags, this has one larger main compartment where you’re going to put most of your stuff. This can hold a MacBook charging brick and a few diapers. If there is nothing else then I can get my Kleen Canteen bottle but it’s jammed full at that point.

The outside flap has a small pocket just big enough for my Bellroy Elements pocket and a spare key for my bike lock. Occasionally I toss in some change when no about which often results in spilling some change when I forget to close the pocket and open the flap. The wallet and key manage to stay in because of their size.

Stashing my EDC knife in the front pocket of the Timbuk2 Catapult

Stashing my EDC knife in the front pocket of the Timbuk2 Catapult

With the Timbuk2 Catapult you don’t have to open the messenger flap all the time since it has a zipper at the flap hinge. When you open this zipper you gain access to the whole internal pocket.

Finally we have on internal zippered pocket which is useful for the random things you end up needing. I end up with a small folding pocket knife, a spare battery to charge phones on long days, and a comb with some hair elastics.

The big draw back

The biggest draw back to this bag, is that it’s so small I can’t carry it for my weekdays since it can’t carry even close to enough stuff. This means I need to have double of many things so that I don’t have to remember to move things between.

What I want is a bag that can handle my week of stuff and isn’t so big that it looks silly walking in to church. So despite loving many of the aspects of this bag, it’s not the bag I can keep around long term. I’ll have to look for a new bag that I can take with me every day.

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