The one pair of shorts you need to own

It’s so easy to fill your life with stuff. Sure it’s nice ‘stuff’ but it’s stuff still. Much of this stuff is not very versatile. It suits one part of your life while being entirely unsuitable for the rest of your life.

To be sure there are some items that simply can’t be life versatile, like ski boots which a great for skiing but terrible for walking around in. But, many of our daily items can be put to better use if we simply take a bit of time to make more educated choices.

Just one short

For me this choice to make my items more useful has started with my daily choice in shorts. For years I’ve had pairs that were cotton which is great to wear around but if I end up in a bit of rain or my family wants to head on a hike when I’m already at the office they simply weren’t a great choice.

See cotton absorbs 100% of it’s weight in water and takes forever to dry which means it’s a terrible choice for commuting or hiking.

Big Kahuna

Enter the Kahuna short from lululemon. Not only is the Kahuna short made from synthetic materials (they call Warmstreame™) which means they dry fast, the actually are super comfortable and look nice.

My Kahuna’s have taken me through rainy commutes to visit a friend, they’ve taken me on multi-day backpacking trips complete with swims. They dry quickly even while wearing them at dinner with friends and still look great the next day when I wear them to church.

While I do still have a pair of swim trunks I don’t bother packing them when I’m backpacking or travelling, instead opting for a second pair of the Kahuna shorts.

While traveling, they don’t need ironing which is another huge plus since I’d never do it anyway and it would just frustrate my wife which is never a good idea.

If you’re looking for a nice pair of shorts that serve many purposes then stop looking and get yourself a pair of the Kahuna 2.0 shorts.