The Tactile Turn Slider & Glider, a great writing instrument

Tactile Turn Slider & Glider

I love using pen and paper. I use a daily journal and plan all my tasks with a weekly planner. Sure there are digital tools that are possibly more efficient, but I always prefer effective over efficient.

Along with being picky about the notebooks I use, I like a nice writing utensil as well.

The Tactile Turn Slider & Glider came to my notice on Kickstarter and I immediately jumped on a Stainless Steel version because it was so beautiful.

The Slider & Glider comes with a fairly standard Schmidt Easyflow 9000 refill, which I totally hate. I hate this mainly because it doesn't write in my preferred notebook style, a Field Notes Expedition, but in general the ink simply isn't for me. It's much to wet and heavy. So my first change to the pen was to swap in a Parker QUINKflow refill.

One thing I love about the Slider & Glider is that it has a set of shallow rings that go around it. These rings provide grip on the pen, something which is lacking on the Squire from Baron Fig. Where the Squire was continually creeping around in my grip, the Slider & Glider stays put in my hand.

Some of the other things that I love are the pocket clip which means I don't have to go fishing around in my pocket to find the pen. I also really like the bolt action to get the ink out of the pen.

The detail put in to the pen by Tactile Turn is nothing short of amazing. To access the refill you need to unscrew the two halves of the pen and the seem is so well done that it's almost impossible to see when the two halves are done up tightly.

Weight wise this is much heavier than the Baron Fig Squire, or really any pen I've used. It's not something that bothers me, but it's certainly noticeable and anyone I've lent the pen to remarks on the weight of the pen as they admire it.

Really the only issue I've had with the pen is that it's fallen apart on me. In the few months I've had it the knob that you use to operate the bolt action mechanism has loosened off once and then it fell out. I was luck that I found it on my floor and that our baby wasn't around to eat it because without that piece the pen is useless.

The offending knob that came off unexpectedly

The offending knob that came off unexpectedly

The saving grace of it falling apart is that it's very easy to fully disassemble and then put back together. It only took me a set of pliers and about 5 minutes to have the whole thing back together. We shall see if this happens again in another few months.