Staying charged on the go with the FosPower POWERACTIVE battery

We've all got lots of electronics to keep powered and while in a general day they may last, not every day is a usual day. This was especially made evident to me recently when I forgot to charge my iPhone overnight and then our car broke down and I was left sitting in a coffee shop for the day with my iPad and iPhone and no way to plug in to a power outlet. Lucky I always carry a spare battery.

For a long time my choice of spare battery to keep my electronics charged was a Mophie Powerstation Pro. It's still going strong but didn't quite have enough power to handle all the devices I end up needing to keep charged when I'm travelling.

That left me looking for a new battery pack that held more juice and was quite rugged so I could take it on my camping trips and not worry about what the elements may throw it's way.


The FosPower battery is rated as a 10200mAh battery while the Mophie is rated as 6000mAh. That means FosPower provides close to twice as much bang for the buck as the Mophie and it's got a few little features that enhance it's use.

First, it has a lanyard so I can hang it inside my bag instead of having to fish all over for it in the bottom of some compartment.

Second, it's got a little LED light next to the USB port so the whole thing can act as an emergency flashlight.

In theory it came with a compass as well, but the compass was so poor quality as to be useless so I threw it out.

Like any battery I've seen this one charges with MicroUSB which…sucks. MicroUSB is simply hard to use. It always feels like I'm jamming the cable in way to hard but if I don't push hard the cable isn't going in. I'd love to see USB Type-C on these battery packs going forward. It's a much sturdier connector and you can plug in the cables either way.

The second port is for charging your devices and is a standard USB connection, so any of your existing cables will fit.

The only bad thing about this battery is that the flap which covers the ports is super hard to open. I've never once been able to open it without the use of a coin or the screwdriver blade on my knife. I always carry something that would open it (my knife or my keys) but if for some reason you don't, I could certainly see you breaking a nail trying to access the charging ports.

My Uses

I carry this battery daily and charge devices on it every couple weeks. Even with that, I only charge it every few months normally and it's never let me down. When I'm heading out on a plane I make sure to charge it fully before I leave, but otherwise it just sits in my bag waiting to be used.


For $34.99 this battery is awesome. Yes you can spend more and get more charging out of a battery or maybe you can get one that's totally waterproof not just rain/splash resistant. But it's $35 and at that price this is a great deal for all the battery most people will need in a day.

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