StarTech Thunderbolt Dock

Cables are a pain. So much mess under your desk or in your bag and of course you often forget to connect one device till you need it which means a workflow break as you find the cable and connect that one device.

For a while I solved this problem with a desktop computer, but then I had to keep 2 computers in sync. I found a method that mostly worked via Dropbox, but there were still hiccups which were a pain.

That meant back to a laptop and plugging in a bunch of cables, then I purchased a StarTech Thunderbolt dock and much of my frustration ended.

Now I sit my laptop on my Roost Stand and plug in 2 cables. One for power and one for the dock. That single ThunderBolt cable connects my 13″ Air to 2 USB hubs, a couple hard drives, 2 monitors, and my podcasting equipment. This leaves only a 2 cables really snaking across my desk and a much cleaner working environment.

If you’re looking for a dock I highly recommend looking at the offerings from StarTech.