Reviewing the Recycled Firefighter Field Notes notebook cover

I love pocket notebooks, they’re an indispensable tool for life. The only draw back is that they start to fall apart in my pockets with the abuse I put them through.

To attempt to remedy that I purchased a Recycled Firefighter notebook cover. Today I’ll be talking a bit about my Recycled Firefighter ’The Fire Hose Notebook Cover’.

The first thing you’ll notice with the notebook cover is that it’s very well built. You’re not going to damage it unless you encounter weapons in some unanticipated way. I got an ‘old’ hose yellow in colour and the way it was already slightly aged made the cover look extra awesome from the get go.

The first big issue with the cover is that using it means my notebook no longer fits in my pocket well. A decent chunk of the cover sticks out which means that while I’m riding my bike it creeps out of the pocket eventually ending up as detritus on the road.

The second issue is that the one I have won’t fit a Field Notes notebook properly. If I don’t trim the back cover of the notebook about 1/4 inch then the notebook cover won’t fold at the 50% mark which makes it a bit lopsided. Yes the elastic still wraps around the notebook fine, but I find this annoying.


You can see here with an ‘untrimmed’ Field Notes Expedition that the cover doesn’t quite match up.

Overall, if you’re looking for a notebook cover that can take a beating then you’re looking at the right type of cover. I’ll likely retire mine from daily use because without my notebook in my pocket I’ve barely been using it and I miss having the quick access to my notebook. If you happen to have bigger pockets or carry your notebook in some other fashion (like in your bag) then this is a great choice.