Otterbox Preserver

In my house even before we purchase a new phone, we have the case that the phone will be going in. When you combine lots of outdoor sports in all weather with kids and expensive electronics it’s simply way to costly to wait for the inevitable phone dunking to happen.

Dunking doesn’t even have to be the standard puddle of water, as my wife found out when my wonderful daughter decided she was mad and that a phone needed a bath in chicken soup.

Lucky for us it was safely ensconced in it’s waterproof case.

The Options for a phone Waterproof Case

For iPhone 6+ users I think the pickings are pretty slim. Sure you’ve got the iPhone 6+ Nuud but that doesn’t include any type of screen protection so you can still scratch the screen. It simply seals well on the glass and relies on the waterproofness of glass to finish up the protection on your iPhone 6+.

If you’ve got an iPhone 6 then you’ve got a few more choices. You’ve still got the Nuud, but also the Fre case from Lifeproof which does include a screen protector.

When you go down to an iPhone 5s (which is what I have) you’ve got both the Nuud and the Fre plus Otterbox has the Preserver.

Now I realize I’m missing a few options here in my lists like this waterproof bag or this “Movee” case but really those are both bulky so I wouldn’t be putting them in my pocket regularly.

Otterbox Preserver for iPhone 5s

I’ve had my iPhone 5s since a few months after it’s release and the Preserver was purchased at the same time. Over the last months I’ve had many 4 – 5 hour bike rides with my phone in my back pocket, or 7 hour hikes in the pouring rain/snow with my phone in the front stash pocket on the Nathan VaporCloud which really just leaves it exposed to the elements.

It’s also had 2 encounters with a paint tray, followed by a rinse with the hose to remove the paint. Through all of that the Preserver has totally protected my iPhone 5s.

In fact I really only have 1 complaint about the case which is the mute switch. The simple fact is that it works to mute the phone but within short order I had to start taking the phone out of the case to unmute it again.

That leaves me with resorting to simply turning the volume down to the lowest setting and figuring that’s good enough for the few times my phone actually gets an alert or makes a noise.

To keep the phone totally waterproof I use a pair of JayBird BlueBud X headphones to listen to music or podcasts while on my bike or running. Your other option is to use a wired set of headphones, but that requires you to open up the bottom seals which means your fancy waterproof case is no longer waterproof.


Yes I 100% recommend the Otterbox Preserver case for your phone. It’s kept mine 100% safe through many wet days and is slim enough that I don’t even notice it in my pocket for my daily carry.

Update October 2, 2015: Just a few weeks back the Otterbox case broke and I needed a new case. I ended up with a LifeProof Fre and it’s noticeably smaller than the Preserver. If I had it to do over, I’d go with the Fre from Day 1.