A good looking leather case for your iPad Pro from Pad & Quill


I think that every iPad needs a good cover or case to go with it. The easy default is the Apple branded covers because they’re cheap and instantly available. That’s what my iPad Pro 9.7 started with, but I knew it wasn’t what I’d end up using.

In the past I’ve purchased robust cases with rubber and lots of plastic like those offered by Otter or LifeProof. This has ensured that my kids don’t accidentally break the iPad. While they have served me well, it’s very rare that my iPad is anywhere near where my 2 year old can get it so I don’t really need the extra protection that a hard shell and rubber case provides.

Coming to that realization let me expand my search and really think about what I wanted in an iPad Pro case. I wanted some drop and edge protection. I wanted it to look nice when I was using it and provide a good angle for writing. I had a desire for something that had a ‘classic’ look to it and I didn’t want something that made this beautiful light iPad Pro in to some behemoth that would be hard to carry around.

My search for these requirements led me to Pad & Quill, specifically their Oxford Leather case for iPad Pro 9.7.

Adhesive and your iPad

The biggest thing that most people say before using this case is that they can’t imagine using the adhesive on their iPad. First, yes it does peel off cleanly if you want to take it back off. Yes it does take a very strong pull to remove it but it doesn’t feel like you’re on the verge of breaking the iPad as you’re removing it.

Second, yes it does hold the iPad firmly. Much like it shows in their video, I tried shaking the iPad off and it was totally fine.

Finally, the iPad was easy to place on the case. Simply line up the edges just inside the stitching of the case and then press firmly just like the video shows you. Twenty seconds of work and your iPad is ready inside the case.

The rest of the case

Once we’re past the adhesive the next feature that some people love is the inside pocket. I’ve read suggestions that you can put your Apple Pencil in it, but all I can think of is that it would create huge amounts of pressure in my bag as the pencil pushed on the screen. The most I’ve put in the pocket is a single sheet of paper and even that I rarely do, mainly because I so rarely use paper in my work.

Pad & Quill Oxford Leather case for iPad Pro 9.7

Here the case is closed and still firmly held with the elastic.

Next up is the elastic that holds the whole case shut. It works as expected and in the few months I’ve had the case it hasn’t stretched out. As far as I can tell it holds the case as firmly closed as it did on day one.

Aging leather

One of the big points in favour of this iPad case according to many is that it will age well. When I think of aged leather I think of the bag that Indiana Jones carried around. If you think your iPad case will age and look like that you should stop and think for a second. At most you’re going to use this case for 4 – 6 years so that’s all that aging it’s going to get. That aged bag you see in the movies is multiple decades old. Your leather iPad case is never going to look like that. None of that is to say that the leather case doesn’t look amazing, just don’t purchase it because it’s going to ‘age’ and look oh so pretty.

While I don’t think it’s going to age like I see in my dreams, the leather case still looks great. I feel it makes the iPad look even more professional when I’ve taken it to meetings. A few colleagues have commented on how nice the case looks when I take my iPad out.

If you’re in the market for an iPad case then you should certainly look at the Pad & Quill products. They’re well built and will bring a higher level of style to your devices, all while functioning great.

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