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Yesterday I talked about the Garmin Fenix 3, but today I want to show the the runner up in my search for a watch. It’s from Suunto who is known for awesome diving watches and is called the Core All Black. The biggest thing the Suunto watch is missing is the full GPS capabilities of […]

For a while now I’ve been looking for a nice watch. I’ve got some Timex ‘Ironman’ watch that’s pretty okay but it really doesn’t look nice when I’m on a date with my wife and want to look nice. My main needs have been: looks good (I view this as an analog face) has a […]

While I think the whole zombie thing in the video is a bit over the top, the Lil Trucker is a pretty dang awesome tool to have available. I actually could have used it this week when I was suddenly a model for a photographer friend and we were ‘camping’ but had no little bits […]

In my regular commuting bag I’ve got a knife a set of bike tools a multi-tool and my keys. Looks like with this neat Kickstart project I could cut at least one knife and combine it with my keys. The Titanium Mini Q┬ácan hold your keys and your knife and depending on your blade option […]