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  I think that every iPad needs a good cover or case to go with it. The easy default is the Apple branded covers because they’re cheap and instantly available. That’s what my iPad Pro 9.7 started with, but I knew it wasn’t what I’d end up using. In the past I’ve purchased robust cases […]

I recently purchased an iPad Pro 9.7” after being without an iPad for almost a year. My previous device was an iPad Mini and while it was a great device I had stopped using it. I had moved most of my reading to my Kindle Paperwhite because it was so much harder to distract myself […]

I love pocket notebooks, they’re an indispensable tool for life. The only draw back is that they start to fall apart in my pockets with the abuse I put them through. To attempt to remedy that I purchased a Recycled Firefighter notebook cover. Today I’ll be talking a bit about my Recycled Firefighter ’The Fire […]

I recently purchased a new iPhone 6s Plus ( along with a case to protect my investment. See I use things hard and typically go with a waterproof case. See my review of the Otterbox Preserver for my old 5s Unfortunately at the time of purchase my preferred waterproof case (the LifeProof Fre) was not […]

I hate owning a bunch of stuff especially clothes. With very few exceptions I purchase cloths that are stylish for every day wear and functional for outdoor use in the backcountry or for Crossfit. I currently own about 5 Lulu Lemon Metal Vent Tech shirts. Two of them are the version 1 variety and the […]

Hiking on the west coast of BC means you can expect lots of rain for all the fall/winter/spring months. Where a pair of non-waterproof hiking shoes or trail runners may serve you well elsewhere that’s not the case in BC. My latest set of trail running (and hiking) shoes to deal with this wet weather has […]

In my house even before we purchase a new phone, we have the case that the phone will be going in. When you combine lots of outdoor sports in all weather with kids and expensive electronics it’s simply way to costly to wait for the inevitable phone dunking to happen. Dunking doesn’t even have to […]

It’s so easy to fill your life with stuff. Sure it’s nice ‘stuff’ but it’s stuff still. Much of this stuff is not very versatile. It suits one part of your life while being entirely unsuitable for the rest of your life. To be sure there are some items that simply can’t be life versatile, […]

I’m a daily bike commuter rain or shine. Yes this lets us only have 1 car, but for me riding is more than just a way to cut expenses it’s a lifestyle I’ve been enjoying for 20 years when I started racing Mountain Bikes at age 13. Even when I got my first car it wasn’t unusual […]

Do you hate wires like I do? I especially hate them when I’m on a call with a client since I’m a pacer and even a really long cord gets in the way at some point in my pacing around the office. For a long time I had a pair of Logitech G930 wireless headphones and […]