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I love a good headphone and own 4 pairs that see use on a weekly basis depending on activity and listening needs. The next ones I’m really looking at are called the Axel and can be found on Kickstarter. I’m probably up for the ‘core’ soundscape though I have wide ranging musical tastes so I […]

The new MacBook looks pretty dang sexy all small like that but it’s only got one port. I know on my 13″ Air I went with a dock from Startech so I could only plug in a single Thunderbolt connector and power and the 13″ has 2 USB ports. If you’re looking at the new […]

Do you hate wires like I do? I especially hate them when I’m on a call with a client since I’m a pacer and even a really long cord gets in the way at some point in my pacing around the office. For a long time I had a pair of Logitech G930 wireless headphones¬†and […]

Bellroy Elements Pocket closed

Wallets are a very¬†personal item. They hold so much of your life-like your ID, cash, and any other cards you need. They go with you everywhere so that you have all your stuff. Even your bag doesn’t need to spend every minute of the day with you. Each person has different needs from their wallet. […]

I love coffee, just like most tech people. Currently I purchase from a local coffee roaster or my wife’s parents bring out coffee from a roaster local to them. I’ve always been intrigued by roasting my own coffee though. Looking at the Oikawa home coffee roaster on Kickstarter it looks like I could get in […]

Not only do I work out 5 days a week and ride 3 days a week I have a standing desk. During the day it’s entirely fine and I’m not really tired, but it’s the afternoon/evening bike rides that are starting to lag. I just haven’t had the ‘spring’ I expect in my legs despite […]