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Black Friday is approaching and there are some good deals out there. Over at Recycled Firefighter they’re offering 20% off their Truckie EDC Pouch, Captain Wallet, and the Boot Leather Sergeant Wallet if you use the coupon code BlackFriday2016. The coupon is only good on Friday and their gear is very well built. If you’re […]

Bellroy is a great company. I already own one of their wallets and it’s lasted for years with no trouble. Well now Bellroy has introduced a notebook cover, and their email even hinted that they have a number of other products to announce this year. I’ve tried other notebook covers and found them to be […]

In the summer of 2015 I had a great day at the beach with my family. We swam and built sand castles and enjoyed a great warm day on the beach. Unfortunately I was wearing my nice watch, the one I purchased for my wedding. You can see it in the photograph at the top […]

I hate owning a bunch of stuff especially clothes. With very few exceptions I purchase cloths that are stylish for every day wear and functional for outdoor use in the backcountry or for Crossfit. I currently own about 5 Lulu Lemon Metal Vent Tech shirts. Two of them are the version 1 variety and the […]

I always find it interesting to read about how people pack for travel when they’re going light. Do you take 2 pair of shoes, one for dress and one for every day or not? What if you’ve got a bit of a hike planned at some point, do you take some extra clothes that stand […]

Today I want to show you another beautiful watch, the Runwell Sport Crono 48mm. This beautiful watch has a 48mm crown and a 10ATM water rating which means you can swim with it or shallow snorkel. It’s pretty much exactly what I’m looking for in a watch.

Most of us carry a phone and a wallet and for many that’s way to much stuff to carry, at least it’s to much to put in your pockets. I actually rarely carry my wallet in my pocket since I generally have a bag I’m carrying already and it leaves me much lighter without it […]

For a while I used an elastic and 2 cards as my wallet. It fulfilled the ‘minimalist’ needs I have decently but lacked totally on the style end of the spectrum. Now I use a Bellroy Elements Pocket which is pretty minimal and looks awesome but it’s more than just a few cards and an […]

Lately I’ve been trimming down the stuff I own in all areas of my life. From my choice in shorts to the back pack I use, which up to this point has been a messenger bag from Mission Workshop which I reviewed but needs to change if I want a single bag to do most everything. […]

Yeah if you haven’t guessed it, I love beautiful watches. While not as ‘local’ as the River Watch from last week, this is still Canadian and just as with many people I’ve got some national pride. The Alberta watch is inspired by the ruggedness of Alberta and is simply beautiful. It’s already fully funded on […]